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'''Center Wash Arm Assembly'''

'''Lower Wash Arm -Upper Wash Arm Assembly'''

The center wash arm circulates water to the dishes in the upper rack. If water can’t flow properly through the center wash arm, the dishes in the upper rack won’t be cleaned properly. Over time, food particles can get trapped in the tiny holes in the wash arm. If your dishes are coming out dirty, the wash arm might be clogged. To unclog the center wash arm, remove the wash arm and dislodge any debris from the holes. If the wash arm is extremely clogged, replace it. In addition, make sure that the center wash arm assembly is mating properly with the water supply nozzle.

'''Pump and Motor Assembly'''

The motor drives an impeller to force water up through the wash arms. If the motor is defective, the pump impeller is broken, or some part of the pump is clogged, dishes won’t be cleaned properly. Make sure that power is getting to the circulation pump and motor. If power is getting to the pump and motor assembly but it still won’t run, replace the pump and motor assembly.