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Aporte original por: Danny Anderson ,


I have a T100-CHI and the keyboard never appeared in  "Other Device"  list.  I finally chose the "+ Add Bluetooth or other device" option at the top.  The dialog box box "Add a device" appeared so I selected the first option "Bluetooth".  Nothing showed up so I held the bluetooth switch  (upper left) on the keyboard to the far right until the keyboard appeared.  When it appeared I let go of the switch and selected the keyboard in the list.  A dialog box appeared with "Enter the PIN for Asus T100CHI DOCKING".  Of course I didn't know the pin so using the onscreen keyboard I typed in my own eight digit key "12345678" and selected connect.  I quickly entered the eight digit key in the keyboard and pressed Enter.  I had to do follow this same sequence a number of times before I managed to get the timing right but don't give up.

Good luck!