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Aporte original por: william ,


Im sure u checked the sharper image official website, just to notice they have no listings for any drone produced under the “dx-” series? Lol.  Im not sure brother, and im up that same thoroughly enjoying my dx-2, mainly because of it's simplicity that I am FORCED to learn to actually fly correctly (including HOVERING) that most people today have most likely not bothered to learn (but what happens if their $600+ drone stops hovering automatically at 400+ meters up…

Hmmmm, they dont know how to fly, UH OH)

But, im gonna checl sites like fasttech and the such, and if that doesnt yield good news, I'll try chexking all the true specs and whatnot and find another Chinese budget drone using the same props and buy them.  I'll get back with u on what I find, and hopefully u will do the sane if its sooner than me