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Aporte original por: Marl Sammito ,


WiFi and cellular not working but hotspot working


Hello everyone,

I have found this iPad mini 4 128gb for sale for 150 euros and talked it down to 120. The seller is saying that they have replaced the iPad’s screen (at a shop where apparently they had been warned that the wifi might be damaged)  and that after that the Wifi and cellular are not working, but it can still be connected to a hotspot. They’re also saying the Wifi might be restored through Cydia - not sure where they got this idea form.

Now I have three questions:

# Does this seem like a plausible story?
# If the ipad is connecting to a hotspot, would you assume that the wifi is working and that it may be a software issue?
# Would you buy it?

I thank you for your help!



iPad mini 4 LTE