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Aporte original por: rcfa ,


Best replacement AirPort card?


My MacBook tends to get rather hot, and has often very unreliable WiFi connections.

I've read that other people had similar problems, and that they went away when they put in a new AirPort card.

It seems that there are some cards that go bad without completely failing, resulting in more heat and unreliable operations without complete failure.

So in an effort to improve the situation, I'm willing to try replacing the card.

Obviously, Apple has had a variety of cards over the course of various models, but most seem to be standard PCIe cards, and thus should be possible to use interchangeably.

My quest is of course for the card with the best performance and the lowest power consumption, rather than for a one-to-one replacement with the same model.

I can't seem to find an overview of what cards Apple shipped with what models, which require two and which three antenna leads, and if there are any known incompatibilities with using a newer card in an older laptop.

Any input or link to relevant references would be very helpful.


MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260