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# Adjustment screw is T6 or TR6 - if it does not fit it is a stripped screw, which is very easy.  They are like 5 bucks at an Apple repair store.  Before you add it back to the MacBook make sure the threads are clean and no do not put on ANY oils.
# Take out the complete trackpad using the 4 little silver screws (not the ultra tiny black screws)  and clean it thoroughly.  Strongly advise to take the cable from the motherboard and guide it back through when putting it back together.
# Clean the space where the trackpad rests, be careful not to bend the little clips where the 4 screws came out (my mistake the first time).
# Last resort is to order a new trackpad for around 20 bucks used or 40 new from USA.
# Put in the adjustment screw before you add the trackpad as you can sort of “feel” the depth of it with your finger.
# Put it back together in reversed order, keeping in mind not to bend the little clips at the back as they give the height of the trackpad in comparison to the frame.  Make sure ALL parts you cleaned with alcohol are completely dry (give it an hour if you must to evaporate).
# After everything is secured put your laptop on it’s side and gently feel if the pressure to make the click is working and if you feel/hear the click when pressing in the middle.  Remember that the trackpad simulates the click once the computer has power.

I have repaired around 30 MacBook Pro units with various issues and one of them was always the trackpad as it is one of the places fluids get into quite easily.