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The temperatures you’re seeing is likely the drive over working

How full is your drive? A big problem with SSD’s is they need to move data around so the cells don’t get over worn. So when you have a very full drive the current data often wears a set of cell blocks so these bocks need to be switched out with cell blocks that haven’t changed in a long time. This is called wear leveling in the extreme!

Ideally, you want to leave 1/4 to 1/3 of the SSD empty! Allowing your system to have the free space and not to panic when it needs to move things around.

Here’s a good writeup on the ins and outs: [|How are SSD garbage collection, wear leveling and TRIM different?] and [|Using Smart Attributes To Estimate Drive Lifetime]

I often see people not sizing their storage correctly with SSD’s. I fully understand SSD’s are expensive so people go small! And our love for their speed has us addicted to them. We just need to be smart enough not to run them into the ground prematurely by not giving them the elbow room they desperately need by either getting a bigger drive or cutting back what we store on it.