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So there are conflicting instructions on iFixit when you follow the instructions such as the ones from iFixit [[Battery Calibration]]

How to calibrate your battery

For phones and tablets:

1:Charge it to 100% and keep charging it for at least 2 more hours.

2:Use your device until it shuts off due to low battery.

3:Charge it uninterrupted to 100%.

When you receive the kit you get a card it says battery calibration with the I'll fix it logo on it it says (For Optimal Performance, calibrate your newly installed battery. Drain battery below 10% then charge uninterrupted to 100%.) And that is all


So it's a little conflicting I'm going with the one from the wiki.

The funny thing for me is it's been at 1% for 5 hours this is a Samsung S7 Edge does anybody know if this is normal? However, it did say the battery was too low to use flash when I took that picture maybe it's getting closer to shutting off.

I just want to say iFixit is really cool I couldn't believe what I paid for my kit $32 came with everything to replace the battery. The instructions were straightforward and clear to understand to tear it apart however, they should have an up-to-date adhesive strip tutorial because that got a little confusing for me even with doing some Googling but I did manage to figure it out. Perhaps on your tutorials iFixit after congratulations you've installed your battery now let's put the phone back together in this second tutorial just a thought. :-)