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Aporte original por: fordnut? ,


I replaced my head lamps on my 2007 ford focus ses  I have seen videos on this procedure. Because of the non existence space to do this fix.  Some take off the front grill and some other stuff so you can take out the entire lamp assembly .  that’s just what you need to do with newer cars. like dismantling it just to replace a head lamp. Well I have had my self in plenty of tight situations when working on my cars over the years. So I left every things on and went at it from the top . If you have smaller hands you are better off. but long fingers are defiantly a plus.  But mine not so much  on the small side but blessed with long fingers.  I was successful but took a lot of patients, and came away with a pretty bad welt on on one of my hands. So this method can be a bit painful. I just was not going to take all that $@$* off and risk not getting it all lined up or breaking cheap plastic fasteners.