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Aporte original por: Marco ,


I went through this. 3 weeks ago up until today, I tried over and over to register my iPad2 wirelessly and it wouldn’t work. The Apple tech that I waited for 2 days to talk to was very unpleasant. I mentioned that I use Linux and not Apple or Windows and he said I needed to go to Target and buy some sort of Google card in order to register it, and it would cost 100 dollars. I said no thank you and goodbye, have a nice day.

I went to an old computer that did have Windows on it, put iTunes on it (I couldn’t download it via MS, that didn’t work for some reason) and after many other hassles I reregistered the iPad with old username and password. I will not be buying any more iPads. I use Linux and can do a lot more with Android devices on my computer. I’ve never succeeded in getting wine to work with iTunes, and it won’t see a usb device anyway. Neither will a virtual machine install work. No wonder I went to Linux 2 years ago…