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iPhone XS Losing Touch Ability


Hey guys! I have the weirdest situation with iPhone and I am trying to find out is it only me or another people too. So, long story short.

Situation #1.

A customer brought in an iPhone XS for a back glass replacement. I took a phone apart and changed a glass. When I put a phone together the touch screen stopped working. I disconnected the original screen and connected a GSX copy and it started to work. When I connect back, original screen didn’t work. I though I might did something wrong but I am usually very careful with what I do.

Situation #2.

Another customer brought in an iPhone XS to change a screen. I did change it and everything was fine. And I decide to connect back the original to check a touch. And it didn’t work again. But when I connect a GSX copy everything was fine.

So, this is my question. Does any one else check that and had the same problem? Or what might happened with 2 phones that original touch screen touch stopped to work. If apple did something for a purpose then its mean that there is no way to change people’s back glass if touch will not going to work after disconnection of an original screen. Its a bit weird and I can not find any answer online.

So, lets figure it out together!


iPhone XS