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Aporte original por: Kyle Stengl ,


Power Switch Doesn't seem to keep the mouse powered on


I've had my Anywhere Mouse MX for ages. It keeps working even after some nasty drops. But, now there seems to be an issue where the power slider doesn't seem to press down on the little power switch under the case fully. What ends up happening is when moving the mouse on any surface, it seems to move that switch ever so slightly past the point of pressing it down fully to keep it turned on. What it looks like on the screen is that the mouse is lagging all the way across the screen, when in reality it's just the power flickering from the switch not fully pressing down the power flicker. Can I add anything onto either the moving or the static piece to try and keep it held down better? Or should I take the mouse apart and diagnose the issue further from there? I've already fiddled with trying to bend the sliding piece up a bit more, but it doesn't seem to help for long as it's all pretty tough material.


Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX