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I finally found a post online where someone was saying that they suspected that it could be caused by a bad LED(s) on the LED strips inside the LCD panel itself and that they had success by replacing individual LEDs on the strip.

I decided to take an easier route and looked up the model number of the LCD panel on Aliexpress and found sellers offering full replacement LED strips for $20. I purchased the strips - they come as a pair of 2 that sit along the bottom of the display.

Fitting is straightforward albeit somewhat daunting. The LCD panel assembly needs to be completely dismantled in several stages by removing screws around the bezel, slitting the sliver sealing tape and then easing the surround off by prying the display out of the plastic surround.

Once removed you can then get at the area the holds the LED strips, they are held in with screws and adhesive tape. Simply replace with the LED strips you purchased online and then carefully put the display back together taking care to avoid dust getting in between the various plastic sheets that sit below the LCD panel.[br]

The whole exercise takes about 2 hours in total. It is NOT difficult provided you go SLOW - however it does look terrifying when you have the entire panel lying in pieces on your workbench. It requires bravery rather than technical ability. [br]

For what it is worth I also have an iMac 27” that had exactly the same issue and the above process fixed that as well.[br]

I have had no more black screens on either display.