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Power Supply Orange or Blinking, varying sequence


So I just picked up a used Xbox One Day One edition for dirt cheap as it will not turn on. Now onto my problem, depending on the sequence of how the cabling between Xbox, PSU and wall is plugged in the light on the PSU varies in results..

Connect Power brick to Wall, I get a orange light on the PSU then I add the last connector to the XBOX and the orange light totally turns off and nothing. No response from XBOX.

If I plug in the Xbox connector, and the power !$$&* together and the last piece being the wall socket plug then the light on the PSU is blinking Orange/White. Same result no response from Xbox.

Doing some investigation online some claim the PSU is fried, but what i’d like to know what exactly it is, I hate to just replace components.

Any experts out there that repaired one or two of these and can guide me in some direction?


Xbox One