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Aporte original por: Derek Wright ,


No TV signal at all


My game pad will turn my console on, I get a solid blue light and hear the disk drive so I believe the console is working, and the gamepad has to be synced if it turns the console on….my problem is I get no signal to my TV I've done multiple hmdi chords and inputs along with the original av cables. Now my gamepad is on the home screen and any button or action I take like trying to get into the settings it says cannot connect to the console power off and move closer…I just purchased a new wifi board for the gamepad hoping it'll solve my issue… but can the wifi chip/ board I believe it's 5 GHz  be the reason I cannot get signal to my tv… any help would b greatly appreciated.. I also bought a new console battery and new sd card. Plez I need answers


Nintendo Wii U