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Aporte original por: Danny Yepes ,


When it comes to removing the excess adhesive that I see when doing a repair on phones or tablets I normally have used '''Goof Off FG661'''. From my experiences it removes the adhesive extremely well.

Materials: Goof Off FG661, Bottle cap, pack of Q tips , and some paper towels just in case.

The way I proceed is poring a few of the liquid in a bottle cap or something similar as needed. Grab a Q tip and dip it into the FG661 then run the tip of the Q tip over the adhesive that you are trying to remove (Try not to over saturate so it does not run into other parts). Then with a Nylon Plastic Opening  tool or something that you can scrap with go thoroughly removing all the adhesive. Continue the process through out every part that has the adhesive you are trying to remove.

This method has worked perfectly for me without any issues in adhesive removal.