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Aporte original por: Q N ,


Mibe is a WRS325FDAM04 with the freezer module not working.  I tried the methods discussed on this thread but could not solve my issue.  So I decided to “macgyver" an led module.  But I had to first figure out the module voltage inputs.  Believe it or not, there is a 120 VAC coming into the main module the converted to 24 VDC for the led modules.  I actually measured 26 -28 VDC.  So I ordered a roll of flexible water resistant led strip thru amazon.  It was rated for 24 VDC , 6000K-6500K.  Cut a piece of hard plastic to replace the old led board.  Taped the two led strips, about 5 inches long and has 6 leds on each strip.  Drilled a few holes around the strips and used small thin plastic wire ties to secure the strips to the plastic board.  The led light roll cost about $10. The additional 10-pack solderless snap down connectors was $7.  The plastic board was from an old chip-n-dip tray we got from dollar tree a while back.  I also bought a kit of T-tap connectors but i needed it anyway.  I used the t-tap connectors in case the module becomes more affordable in the near future.  I'm not holding my breath on that one.  All in all, this macgyvered led module works.