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Aporte original por: J Duke ,


My daughter’s iPhone 6 is suffering from extreme discharge.

It charges fine, is recognized in iTunes fine…but even in low power mode or airplane mode, it will discharge about 75% overnight if left unplugged.  The battery usage graph consistently indicates steady drain regardless of usage.  Weird.

My understanding of bad Tristar chip is that there usually are other symptoms beyond drain, but maybe I’m wrong.

Initially i thought it was a bad battery.  Swapped it out, but no change.  Asked for a replacement from the same vendor assuming it was a bad (and inexpensive) Amazon battery.  Same result after the 2nd battery change, still draining heavily.  Tried full restore/set up as new phone to rule out corrupt backup.  No change.

My most recent course of action was to swap out the battery with the one from my wife’s iPhone 6 (hers being an original Apple battery).  No change.  My daughter’s phone is somehow draining the battery.  Maybe a short somewhere?  I’ve dabbled in microsoldering recently (successfully replaced charging port on an iPad Air).

Anyone able to offer feedback on this one?