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Aporte original por: Angie D ,


Hi Sir! Sorry on late reply my kids were sick.. I appreciate ur apply..I tho it would help if supply pic, I understand..I’m hoping that might be that.. what read on line I believe the low pressure hose is on the side of leak is driver side, on pass side it high one…

can a rack n pinion  leak that much or they slow leak? I’m going try jack up car see get better look.. not having enough fluid in it, can that destroy the rack n pinion? The hose that comes from reservoir does that connect to return hose?

have u ever use stop leak? I got Lucas power steering one n I’m little scared to try it.. I called Lucas they said if it hose leak it won’t wrk but if pump or rack n pinion could help. What u thoughts?

If hose or connector then feel easy fix compared to rack n pinion, I heard it in thousand range..if pump then temp fixed, thank god my pumps lifetime warranty.. . I do sir appreciate ur help.. yes ik it hard to find trustworthy in my town.. I’m like 35 plus miles to bigger city..I’ll look @ pic u send me .. thank you .., ps I’m not sure it ask me 3 ways to comment , It confused me. Hope send it right way.. lol..