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Aporte original por: Thomas fillios ,


I’ve been through this problem with 2 units and JBL Customer Serice SUCKS!

Decided to open it up and replace the Battery instead of having a $300. Paper Weight…..

JBL suggested me sending unit to a service center at my expense…. Was going to cost over $100……

Bought a Battery from Ebay….

Took no more then 30 Minutes and FINALLY EVERYTHING IS GOOD!!!

Will I look elsewhere for my future stereo needs…

Probably… JBL is no longer dependable and the customer service is far from accommodating……..

But…. I’ll ride with my extreme as long as possible and replace the $17. Battery whenever I need to….

from what I am gathering this will be needed every 12 Months or so….

my situation was confusing because the battery indicator was showing I was keeping a charge….. Strange……

I thank everyone for all the input as to what is going on with this unit…….