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Hi Roland. Thanks for contributing your thoughts on troubleshooting an iPhone screen issue. However, IMHO this doesn't really belong on the Answers Forum.

You should write up your process in a "Technique" Guide ( and then head over to Meta ( to ask the regular contributors and TPTB to comment or critique.

I understand it's upsetting to get called out out but don't hold a grudge against @arbaman :>), he is one of our regular contributors here and he consistently volunteers multiple hours of his week in order to help out DIY fixers. For all of us that do this regularly, we see countless SPAM attacks, flagrant self-promoters and whatnot and it can get a bit tiring at times. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate those who are drive-by self promoters and those who genuinely want to help.

Teaching is a great way to learn so hopefully you will continue to contribute, either via guides or by providing answers. I'll keep this question aside for a few days to give you a chance to migrate it towards a guide. Eventually, it will probably need to be archived. In the meantime, lets see what @mayer thinks about this.