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Aporte original por: Alex Robinson ,



Without detailed, genuine, accurate schematics of the logic board, it’s nearly impossible to tell. Of course, Apple does not readily provide these, as they don’t believe in self-repair of their machines. As a native Mac user myself, this is especially frustrating at times.

I’ve seen online videos of local tech repair shops doing logic board repair on MacBook Airs, but usually not solder work. Usually, it’s removing water damage, which in some cases requires replacement of specific chips.

However, because we call most parts FRU’s (Field Replaceable Units) these days, I’d say you’ll be needing a new logic board. Not even I would ever attempt to solder capacitors to my logic board. You’ll probably do more harm than good if you tried.

Fortunately, you have one of the less expensive replacement boards, with a price tag of $199.99 (compared to over $400 boards for MacBooks) here on iFixit. It’s currently out of stock but hopefully will be back in stock soon, where you can then order it.

Link to part: [product|IF174-059]

If you’re an experienced computer technician, you could install it yourself. If not, have a pro do it for you.

Hope this helps!