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Aporte original por: Andrew Bowers ,


You're in luck, I'm a Subaru technician! Use a noid light (available at auto parts stores) to see if your injectors are getting an injection pulse, if they are and you don't have spark, check the ignitor module (mounted on the firewall directly behind the engine, small black box marked "ignitor" secured to the firewall with two 10mm bolts) and the ignition coil (on the top center of the engine, under the black plastic cover). If you aren't getting an injector pulse, check the cam and crank angle sensors. The cam sensor is on the driver's side cylinder head, it's secured with one 10mm bolt, the crank sensor looks exactly like the cam sensor, but it's mounted in the center of the front of the engine, above the crank pulley, underneath the alternator. Also, Fred you must have a 92 Loyale as the Legacy uses distributorless ignition, and as such does not have a distributor (unless it's a Japanese 1.6l model)