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Aporte original por: Sofia james ,



Blue screen of  death which shows the error code  0xc000021a   on the screen.  This error says that your Tablet ran in to a problem needs to restart . Okay but you are saying that you have done all process like boot and restart then Firstly these issue appearing  with a two files.

* Winlogon.exe
* Csrss.exe

These both files handle your log on an off process and Operating system files. It can be very scary when you are expiring  this BSOD error 0xc000021a   and your machine will not boot to the desktop.  I know you had done many method but try this method for your issue .

'''Firstly Fix your corrupted files :'''

* On your screen click on Troubleshoot.
* Next click on “Advance option”
* After that command prompt.
* Now type the command in command prompt window
* Type chkdsk C: /f /r  this command check your System.
* If your screen show the y/n then type y and hit enter.

Now reboot your System hopefully it will boot know correctly. If your error still persist then you should try another method for [|''error 0xc000021a''] .