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Aporte original por: Susan Streeter-Lachhman ,


So, here’s how I resolved this. Mine did this like 2 months outside of the 1 year warranty. The first apple store Genius Bar person wasn’t helpful at all and said buy a new phone, it’s a hardware problem, not our issue.

Second person on a different day admitted that for a short time the phones that did this were being replaced, but then apple decided that it wasn’t their problem (like the first person told me). He was very sympathetic though, and told me to call in to customer support and complain, give them the somtory, cry, beg, etc and hope for the best. After quite sometime on the phone and some very real tears of frustration, they agreed to a one time only swap at no charge. Of course part of it was because I did go through all of the hood of trying to fix it with restores and a million other things first. Worth a try.