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Aporte original por: Gmailaccount Services ,


I sent an email to this company in regards to a code.  Lol.

Calling me a thief, the nerve.  Grandma and Grandpa really gonna love this one.  If this were 20 years ago I would cuss you out for implying it's not legit.  Look, this is the real world, on average people do not save this past a certain period of time.  You know what, just forget about it, you probably want me to grease your greedy palm but you can forget about that.  What kind of operation are you running anyway, cause I would love to talk to the rocket scientist running that establishment.  I not saying you or your boss are stupid, I am saying you peas in the pod are a couple of bonafide rocket scientists, top grads in your High School all the way.  But I have a grade for at least three of you, BBB.  That's honor roll, maybe not 4.0 but who's perfect?  In a perfect world I would have those ancient receipts and the dip stick code would be exactly where you left it.  I am going to pray for you I really am.  I don't mind if your Christian, Buddist, Hindu, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Catholic, Hopi or any native American faith, Aboriginal, or belong to the no theology club.  Even if your voodoo witch doctor----I am gonna pray for you to be blessed with the gift of common sense.  Have a wonderful Martin Luther King day, ☮️.