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Aporte original por: Marty Hammel ,


Problem I'm having with using an external SSD drive over thunderbolt is that I can't seem to find a solution for also using bootcamp if I go that far, it seems, and I could be wrong, that if you use an external drive for the macos, you can t use boot camp. my problem goes even deeper because my internal SSD portion of the fusion drive seems to have failed and bootcamp seems to require it. So even though the macos was able to be installed on the HDD only, bootcamp wouldn't install because of a appleSSD. Sys driver error.  So, for now the only solution I can find for a failed  internal SSD portion of the fusion drive and to use bootcamp also, is to replace the internal pcie SSD. I've seen a YouTube video for doing this and it seems like you have to remove almost every component inside to get to it.