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Aporte original por: Kirill Virt ,


Apple’s water detectors trigger even when there was no liquid but a really high humidity. Basically, it’s their way to say “F you!” and make you buy a new phone or parts that worth just as much as a new phone. Just send it to third-party reputable repair shop and ask them to take a look on your 5C’s USB port, if replacement (that you can make) won’t help or you’re afraid to go deeper (that can also needs to be done in some cases).

And check more cables on your phone or those cables that didn’t work on other devices. If they still don’t work, then it’s just straight bad luck and you got faulty cables. Is they work as usual (it also means that they charge as fast as usual), then you might consider replacing USB port.

About those practices:

Instruction on replacing Lightning port: [guide|22750]