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Aporte original por: Mattt Potter ,


I’ve read this problem over and over again and no real answers to solve it. But I’m betting every one that is having this  problem,  also at one point took apart their. Xbox one, for one thing or another and the front panel where the ribbon strings across from the eject button to the power button is the source of the issue.  Somewhere along the way on your journey to puttng it back together again one of the many tabs, grooves, slots popped into place just an ANGSTROM askew and of the ribbon is bent wrong or both. Because If that panel and ribbon is removed completely  the issue will stop. You will have figure out how to  straighten whatever is crooked and put it back together perfectly. Get another brand new front like I did or leave it off  and use manual eject and connect the circuit with something to power it on or off. (Or use controller)