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Aporte original por: Trevor Harrison ,


Toshiba 55l711U18 - Computer keyboard hit display. Can iFixit?



Saturday morning I was grabbing my Steam Gaming PC keyboard and the cord snagged something and the corner of the keyboard impacted my TV. Can I repair it? With the display off, there is no sign of damage, but when it’s on and I press the trails of light it looks like a crack.

I am visually impaired and this old TV is way too small for me and my Gaming PC won’t even let me use it as a display (turns off just before Windows 10 finishes loading).

Toshiba 55l711U18 - Bought October 10, 2017 from Best Buy ( I didn’t purchase the extended warranty as I doubt it would have covered this). I hope it’s just a part that can be ordered to fix the display controller or something.

I don’t want a “Smart TV” as I just use it as a monitor nothing else






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