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Aporte original por: jayeff ,


Hi @ramses2 ,

What is the colour of the gas flame.

If it's blue it's OK.

If it's yellow/red it's a problem as there may be carbon monoxide being produced due to incomplete combustion

If it is this colour all the time it should really be checked out by a licenced gasfitter as it could be in the regulator which may need adjustment which is done with equipment that the average DIY doesn't have.

One last thing, does it say NAT or LP anywhere on the model label or on the stove? (Check on the back)

This model stove can work with either Natural Gas or LPG but it needs to be converted from Natural Gas to LPG to work on LPG correctly. This ensures complete combustion will occur.

Not trying to worry you but just thought that I'd mention it if it is a stove new to you.