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Aporte original por: Che J Manuel-Lewis ,


I'm having the same issue as Calliesha,  except  I can not download anything,  it just keeps saying Download pending. I also can not pull down my notification screen from the top of the home screen.  I have completed a wipe cache, uninstall Play Store updates and reinstall.  The only thing I noticed is that when I go online on my PC to the Google Play Store,  and pull up the app.  Once I select download to ZTE Blade X and click install,  it shows installed to device on the screen.  Only thing I can think of is some how I deleted an importantitem while trying to fix my problem.  I downloaded an app that did have permission to make changes to my phone.  But one night my phone was dieing,  I placed it on the charger.  When I awoke and looked at my phone,  I knew something was different.  I have a lock code on my phone and assumed someone may have already reset my phone trying to get in or disabled my notifications somehow.  My fonts where smaller,  lock screen was different.  And I had no notifications.  Someone please help,  I need my phone for work.  Resetting will have me lose important information that could cost me my job.