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Aporte original por: 2Sarcastic4U ,


Assuming you are trying to set up voicemail service provided by your phone company try to first go through the steps listed for “setting up voice mail access” on page 13 of the manual for your cordless phone which I found online incase you no longer have the manual that came with it. You can view it easily without downloading anything here:

As referenced in the steps you may need to contact your phone company to find out the number you should be dialing for voicemail if at some point you are asked for it when going through that process.

*I worked in support for a mobile phone, home phone, cable & internet company for over 5 years and used to get this question alot and I found that alot of the time just removing the voicemail feature and re-adding it to their phone service did the trick 90% of the time when there were any issues with setting up voicemail.  It maybe more helpful to know who your phone provider is if you want to share that information I can edit my answer to be more specific if needed.