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Aporte original por: Ed Sanchez ,


Well, i was having the same problem,

first, my batteries went completely ZERO charge,[br]

then,  mod-cable  connected to usb, wouldn’t even display any charging process,

I finally buy new batteries some brown samsung, and left mine (some purple ones) charging at vape store,

when installing batteries, it wouldn’t fire any vape.

when remove and reinstall atomizer, screen said NO ATOMIZER, and then SHORT IN ATOMIZER…

After cleaning, and cleaning and drying and drying and trying, it random the activity between “no fire and stuck in no puff count nor time count” and then displayed LOW OHMS .016…

i remove new batteries and place them to charge in my new independent charger, then, after 10 mins maybe, i installed those batteries in my xpriv mod, and connect the charging cable with a regular usb charger (NO IPHONE, NOR IPAD charger they said that at the store!!!) regular, regular chinese slow charger.

It fixed the no fire, and worked!!! first depended on being connect to charger cable, and it wouldn’t fire if disconnect.

Then after a few minutes start working regularly, even if disconnected.

I’m guessin maybe theres a charge inside the mod, and when batteries die to ZERO it loses ohms or something…