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While I can say for certain with your system the previous model had the Ethernet logic as part of the main logic board. Most modern laptops are doing the same as the amount of space a module uses requires more space and the amount of components is so few now it also doesn’t make sense as well.

So depending on where and when you bought your system you might be able to get it repaired under warranty (EU has two years). Otherwise you’ll need to either find someone skilled enough to fix your logic board or you’ll need to replace it. The price of this system here in the states is quite low ~$550 as this is only a i3 system. So do make an effort to see if this is economical to repair.

'''Now the good news!'''

As your system does have USB ports you could use an external USB adapter instead! The only issue will be the driver support review the OS supported. Here’s one option [|USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet NIC Network Adapter]