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Original post by: jessabethany ,


Sounds like you have a defective screen.   However—”I can’t run a business with those prices” is really really uncool in my opinion.  Why don’t you go post this question on your supplier’s free public forum? [br]


If you’re going to go to a store and try out all their stuff, then leave without paying for anything and order the same stuff they sell from Cheap Place R Us, then you DON”T get to ##&&% about their prices.[br]


Also, to be fair @ajcooke01 Aaron Cooke—-iFixit does not sell “only known good” parts—-they sell defects just like everyone else.  But you’re right that they put a lot of resources into customer service and usually returns are no problem.   I’m nit picking on this because I wouldn’t want anyone to be troubleshooting a problem like Jake here and assume that ‘it can’t be the part’ on the assumption that iFixit parts are magically all “known good”  They’re not.