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OK, this is what worked for me.

background: I just replaced the screen on my SE. went to boot it up and it was stuck on the apple symbol. plugged the phone in to my macbook, started itunes -which said a restore was needed. did a restore and got the error 9. tried to restore again and same problem. did some googling of the problem and ran into a random comment where some user posted a slab of text but one thing that was different was that he said he tried "plugging in headphones"

I dislike the bullsh!t of iphones (error codes- dodgy "upgrades", etc) and usually use android. my kids use apple phones because the phones are simple and the cameras are pretty decent.

so I tried to restore again and this time I inserted and then removed a headphones plug in and out of the iphone. maybe it was a fluke. maybe itunes kicked in properly and worked, maybe because i was facing north and had just sacrificed a chicken to Steve Jobs. who knows??

but it worked and my iphone restored.

I wasn't going Rocco Sifredi with the headphone  plug (do not google that name at work). it was in (for 3 seconds) then out (for 3 seconds) - did this 3 or 4 times and the little progress bar kept going.