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I have a similar problem with my MackBook Pro 15" old type (1.8Ghz). The battery was replaced at an Apple store in June 2010 after developing the won't hold much charge problem after a OS X update  I believe about 10.6.6(I did not tack note at the time the problem devleoped). It was replaced befor reaching the state of the new one.  The new(current) battery worked fine until I had to reinstall 10.6 and it auto updateed to 10.6.7.  I don't know how but it appears that one of the updates changed something (perhaps firmware) that caused the battery to fail in the same sort of way.

The problem I have is I now live in Greece and can not return to the Apple store that replaced battery.  According to Apples website Greece dose not exist so getting a new replacement is a problem.

System Profiler

Manufacture: Sony

Device Name:  ASMB012

Pack Lot Code: 0001

PCB Lot Code: 0000

Firmware Version: 0110

Hardware Revision: 0500

Cell Revision: 0303

Charge remaining (mAh): 0

Fully charged: yes

Voltage (mV): 8681

CoconutBattery 2.7 report:

Current charge:   -1mAh

Maximum charge; -1 mAh


Current capacity: -1mAh

Design capacity: 5600mAh

Mac model: MacBookPro1,1

Age of you Mac: 62 Months

Battery loadcycles 122

Battery Temperture: 29.5c

Battery power usage 0.0 Watt

I thank you for any help.