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Aporte original por: MikeD ,


Another thanks to JeremyN for salveging my HL-2270DL.  In my case, the white plastic lever had somehow slipped off the shaft that it rotates on when the paper tray slides into position.  I removed the left side cover (two “hooks” in front-(one behind the toner cartridge door, the second to the left of the circle on Jeremy’s picture in Step 4) - the second behind the rear door) and removed the circular drive motor and gear (slightly lift the black tab holding the shaft and pull it up) to give me more room.  I removed the clip spring, then replaced the loose plastic “lever” onto its shaft, making sure that the lift tab was under the shaft gear.  Replaced the spring, then pressed the lever tab to see the shaft gear engage the drive gear.  Replaced the drive motor, replaced the side panel and plugged it in.  Works like new!