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Aporte original por: Jonblair ,


My two LED lights on the Refrigerator side went dim, and the one freezer light totally stopped working  on Model WRS 325FDAM04.  I popped the top Refrig LED Module out, snapped the TWO plugs out and checked looked the  LED Module over thoroughly - nothing out of the ordinary, so I put it back in - still both refrigerator lights dim and the freezer module LED still not working.  I then removed the Freezer LED Module (which is a pain as it’s further back in the freezer).  As I was removing the ONE plug for the freezer module, the Freezer LED started to go on and off (full brightness) and the Refrigerator Lights would illuminate to full brightness as well in unison with the Freezer light doing so.  Problem is the freezer light would NOT stay on as I snapped its plug back in place, so I don’t know if it’s a wiring problem or a Module problem.    I jiggled the Freezer Module and its plug and wiring many times and BOTH lights would go on and off momentarily (full brightness) but the Freezer light ultimately remained off and the Refrigerator light remained dim, so I just popped the plug back in, snapped the Module back into place, and I’m resigned to no light in the freezer and dim lights in the Refrigerator.  I don’t think its worth paying the cost of a new freezer LED Module even if it’s just the module itself (and what if it ISN’T the Module - can I get my money back - and then what am I to do)?    The wiring (which is VERY short on the Freezer module as compared to  the Refrigerator Module would be a nightmare for the average non-tech person to try and replace (and/or the plug).    It would be better for all concerned if these lights were just the small incandescent appliance bulbs always used in the past - you just unscrew and replace them when they go out.   Until and unless Whirlpool addresses and fixes this problem, I will NOT purchase any future Whirlpool Products, nor will I recommend anyone else purchase their products.  The idea behind LED lighting is lifespan and efficiency.  Well, those of us having this problem are certainly not reaping these benefits !   Bottom line is this should NOT be happening  on a Refrigerator that is only 15 months old !        Something is WRONG and Whirlpool needs to address this !!  .