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Aporte original por: DANIEL GREENWELL ,


Am having basically the same problem on my 1998 craftsman 20 hp lawn tractor . It won’t do anything , no clicking ,no signs of electrical life . I’ve had a battery charger on it for at lease 12 hrs.  I’ve tried putting the pos. lead of the charger on the solenoid posi. post still nothing . I’ve unplugged switches sprayed them with WD 40 still absolutely  nothing . what are some of the signs of a bad ignition switch will you still have headlights to come on even though the tractor isn’t running . what are the signs of a bad relay do you have anything , any clicking etc. what about a bad fuse what are the signs of a bad fuse. note the fuse appears good . what about the switch interlock push in.    anyone withe suggestion or answers if you had these same problems