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Aporte original por: Alison Hipple ,


Is my engine really seized for good?


2014 Dodge Grand Caravan began leaking oil at an alarming rate. Each time I  drove it, I had to add at least one at per trip, 12-15 miles one way but oil light came on if I drove it much further than 60 miles in one full trip. I  made an appointment with my mechanic, but the day before I was supposed to drop it off, I was driving a 15 mile trip so I added a at of oil before I left. Midway, I got stopped in traffic and was idle for about 10 minutes. Once I made it to town, I was noticing a slight change in the way it was driving; Almost feeling like it was going to stall. I got stopped at a red light and it died. All lights, windows, locks, automatic doors, etc. were still working but I put it in park, turned the key, and only got a delayed “Click" sound from the motor. Mechanic replaced starter but then said I needed to replace the entire motor, as he tried to turn shaft and said it wouldn't move. He put old starter back in and it was towed home. Was told to try Kapo Kroil Penetrating Spray on pistons, let it sit for 3-5 days, then see if it turns over. I applied spray on days 1 and 6 of around 7-8 days and it's still doing the same start up dash/indicator lights all work but the same “Click” noise and doesn't turn over at all.


2008-Present Dodge Caravan