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I have the Keurig 2.0 and had the same error  Pressure error message. Tried the orange cleaning tool, vinegar, using a pin to clean the needles, and turning it upside down.  All methods failed. I took the unit apart  carefully 4 screws on the bottom; two on the side where the  water tank sits; one under the silver cover; pull the front down and away; pull the silver top up but not off; Pull the wrap around side up very high to clear a large hook.  Then find the circuit board a small hose is going to a component remove the hose and power unit up. If it works you have a clog but If it still has the same error unplug unit and carefully pull the circuit board up and away just enough to cut the legs of the component from the board.   Reinstall the component on the hose to act as a hose plug.  I set mine on the bottom out of the way. Reassembled unit in reverse order and it is now been working once again. Component is no longer available to purchase. Cost to fix ZERO!!!!