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Aporte original por: mSealy ,


I just performed a repair on my own HP psc 1350 All-in-One Printer...

The paper was not being picked up by the rollers. After trying all of HP's standard troubleshooting tips (without resolution) I decided to unscrew/open up the top of the unit and have a look around.

I was able to see that one of the main rollers (pretty much straight through the center of the mechanics) was not turning properly.

The plastic gear on the end was being turned by a smaller adjacent gear (so that looked right) However, the rod and rollers that this larger gear was attached to (on the end of the roller in question) Was NOT turning. with my flashlight and a pair of reading glasses I was able to see a hairline fracture on the shaft of the plastic gear along with what appears to be some dried up glue. The rod/rollers in question are pretty embedded in the center of the unit so further dismantling seemed a daunting task...

Instead, I was able to flex the outer shell of the unit just enough to pull the little plastic (white) end cap and the large gear itself (black) of of the end of the rod. Then used a toothpick to clean up and apply gorilla glue. then carefully reassembled the gear and cap to the rod. It wasnt easy! but I got it to work..

Be Aware that the large black gear has a clear thin plastic dial that sits down in a slot alongside the end of the rod (One person has posted a picture here that shows the same type of clear plastic circle/gear... look for it in your machine before you try to take it apart, so you know how it goes back). Getting that in the slot was tricky so I ended up assembling the gear first then carefully cutting a slit in the plastic piece with scissors (one easy quick snip, like the first and only cut into a pie) Then I was able to easily turn the gear and slide the plastic shim into its proper slot). That was it.

like I said, it was not easy (especially getting the gear on and off without breaking any parts), but I got it to work and now don't have to take it to a shop Or buy a new unit. Woot!

Good Luck!