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Call Frigidaire customer service. They will refund you to purchase amount. Apparently only a few of these items are bad with error code "EC." The high ratings on this item speaks for itself. The item is warranted for 5 years (limited).  Ive searched for "the best" 70 pint dehumidifier as most of you have.  I realize my unit was a lemon...  and I paid dearly for it.  [I bought an LG 70 pint from HD and it leaked for seven days! after cleaning it up, (HD Mgr provided a free rental water vacuum) I saw the 800 number on the back of my unit...  I'm so stupid!  I so had a "d'oh" moment...  I assumed the warranty was only good for 1 yr and it'd be such a hassle...  Turns out, my unit had 5 yr limited warranty.  Yes, my unit caused me grief...  but the company came shining through!  (BTW, I bought the exact same unit today).