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Aporte original por: TJ Collier ,


Tab S 8.4 Not Displaying


I had a customer come in today with a Samsung Tab S 8.4" that turns on, but it does not display. The device still turns on and is charging but the LCD and Digitizer just aren't working. The tablet is flawless, same as the screen, the owner says she has always had it in a case and she's never dropped it. It's a little old lady who seems to take really good care of her things so I actually believe her. I'm hoping it isn't board level, but the CPU gets really hot when it's on for just a couple minutes. I had this issue multiple times with the Tab A and the Tab E when the ribbon cables would just slip out but the Tab S uses FPC connectors and they all seem fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4