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I use the iFixit 64-bit screw driver kit and a few Wiha screw bits.

I think Wiha has a screw driver bit set for smartphones, while they are a bit pricey they are worth it for the quality german made screwdrivers.

Nothing seems to beat them when it comes to screw drivers, especially good for the phillips head, pentalobe and triwing for iPhones.

I don't buy the kits that are more than just the 64-bit kit because they have stuff I don't need and I don't really need a whole kit to do the job.

Stuff that are pretty much must haves are:

* B7000 liquid glue to adhere certain parts of the screen usually the corner spots also very useful for iPads.
* Tesa 61395 for those screens with thin bezels and thin glass.
* Tesa 6395 for those tablet screens with large borders and plenty of space to put adhesives.
* Flexible thin plastic cards (durable ones preferred) for when you need to separate adhesive carefully without damaging the screen or with ease.
* Heat mat / Hot plate - Heat up your devices around 60°C-80°C to weaken the adhesive for removing screens or glued in batteries.
* Razor blade (Those rectangle disposable ones) - This always comes in handy you'll need it a lot
* Spudger - Good tool used to clean off adhesives off screen frames (mostly metal)
* Plastic spudgers - Great for unplugging certain ribbon cables