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Aporte original por: Eelco Klaassen ,


You have applied way too much heat on the pads. A few seconds is all they can take, 350 degrees Celsius max. This is a double sided print, so the switch leads are soldered all the way through the print. Thats pretty difficult to remove with good soldering skills, let alone as a beginner.

Best practice: use a desoldering iron, it sucks the solder out of the holes after heating it.

Next best practice: use flux and desoldering wick, if you're lucky all of the solder comes out.

HEAVILY Improvising: use a heat gun at 300 degrees Celsius and pull out he switch as soon as ALL OF THE THREE solder joints of the switch are fluid. Not too long though, you will melt some parts if you apply too much heat. Use aluminium foil to protect the rest of the print from excessive heat. Remember, this last method is a pretty desperate one, but i still remember what it's like to have no tools no money and no clue...

Since the damage is already done, find a way to repair the tracks on both sides of the print with thin wire. Carefully look where the tracks run to, and bypass it with a wire. The large ground connections are just star shaped so it's easier to solder them, large ground surfaces suck up all the heat during soldering. Scratching off the plastic coating untill you see the copper and resoldering it will do. No agressive flux please, the kind for mechenical soldering will destroy your print after time.

Good luck, it gets easier if you keep trying!