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Aporte original por: madmax46 ,


Ok. I tried everything with the phone plugged in and this is a new wall outlet charger (maybe 3 months old), no damage to the port or anything (i take care of my phones thanks to my ocd). Alright, with the phone plugged in, trying all of the combinations resulted in nothing. But while researching, I did see a post that said to have the phone unplugged, press the power button and volume up button at the same time, then plug it in....and voila! Now this is on an htc one m8 where the volume up/down button is only one and only gives you one option to push up or down, and the power button is at the top, not the side. This is the first time i let it get down to less than 5% before charging....think i accidentally left the camera on and set it down then fell asleep.