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Aporte original por: Tom Shafer ,


I agree with all these answers.   The next one must be from BILL.

We need more info.   Anything.  Brand names?   Type of engine?

It has a head- gasket, atop a crankcase with oil, with a dipstick that smells of gasoline.

However, no mention of the problem.   Oil in the gas makes smoke, a real golf-course no-no.

Gas in the oil, like a bleeding ulcer, will kill you.  Also, a golf-course no-no.

A top-mounted carb may seep past the rings.  A side-mounted carb will drip on the floor.

A mechanical pump can leak directly into the sump.  Its not fuel-injected,,, computers don't allow leaks !

Like the doctor says,   FIRST you tell me the symptoms, THEN, I'll tell you the treatment.